Coach E’s Daily HIT: Focus

 Coach E’s Daily HIT (Hajer Inspired Thought.)
 Thoughts on living a more fit and fulfilled life you love. 
January 3rd, 2018
Where focus goes, energy flows. What you focus on you feel. 
Today’s HIT is an invitation to focus on what’s right today. Focus on what you’re grateful for. If you’re going through a rough patch focus on what you can control and how you can be resourceful and creative in your approach.
Is it time to take a break from the media? Let go of a toxic relationship? Focus on an area of your life that is yearning for attention?
Take away: Harness the power of your focus today. You get to decide. Choose wisely. 
See you out there!
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Take The Plunge!



Boldness has power, genius and magic in it. Begin it now!

These famous words by Johann van Goethe, rung in my ear as I dove head first into the frigid Atlantic Ocean for my 42nd birthday Sunday. While the icey water stung my flesh and shocked my body I felt alive, vital and empowered!

My birthday polar plunge was a symbolic start to a personal challenge this year; be bold, dig deep and take inspired action!

Take away: When it comes to stepping up to a new challenge or an old obstacle this year, I invite you to lean in and take inspired action. When you do people, events and resources you never dreamed of will come your way.

What’s the point of being alive if we don’t at least try to do something remarkable? Be bold, dig deep and take the plunge!


Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer, life coach, presenter, athlete and author. Check out his blog/vlog for more secrets to living a fit and happy life you love. 





Need a Boost? Do This.


 good mood

Coach E here:

Food is perhaps the most abused anxiety drug and exercise is perhaps the most underutilized antidepressant.

Take away: If you need a boost get moving. Emotion is created by motion. As little as two minutes of movement can change your biochemistry and can give your day a hit of awesome!

Get after it!


How did you get your hit of awesome today? Post below and let us know! 





Your Most Valuable Currency



The effect you have on other people is the most valuable currency there is. At the very end, all that you’ve accomplished and accumulated will fade away. What will remain are the moments of honest, brave and intimate connection that will live in the hearts of others forever. 

Take away: Be somebody that makes other people around you feel like somebody. Shine your light freely on as many people as you can today.



colorado pic


Erik Hajer is an award-winning personal coach, presenter and author. Check out his blog/vlog for more secrets to living a fit and happy life you love. 



Anger Can be Healing. Here’s How.

Courage lion-771482

Coach Erik here:

Belying most anger is hurt, vulnerability and sadness. The challenge is most of us suppress or displace our anger, which can lead to either external rage or prolonged internal suffering, disease and pain. 

 I offer the “courageous Lion’s roar” is the decision to understand the wisdom of your anger and express it in a powerful and healing way.

 I invite you to do this by getting in touch with the feelings behind the anger. For example, recognizing that what you are really feeling hurt, lonely or disconnected etc. and expressing that to yourself and/or others. I offer there is great power profound healing in vulnerability and expressing your truth. 

Notice how good it feels to own the feelings behind the anger and how freeing it feels to express your truth in a direct and constructive way. Once you do, you are free to nourish and resolve your feelings as opposed to succumbing to the immediate (and often) destructive needs of your anger. 


Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer, life coach, presenter and author. Check out his blog/vlog for more secrets to living a fit and happy life you love.