Coach E’s Daily HIT 1.1.18

Coach E’s Daily HIT 1.1.18

January 2nd, 2018 // 2:19 am @

Welcome to Coach E’s Daily HIT (Hajer Inspired Thought.)
 Happy New Year!
Today is Jan 1st, the day when most well intentioned people set their yearly resolutions and goals. As you think about your upcoming year, I invite you to consider that every day can be your January 1st. Today (and every day) is a clean slate filled with infinite possibilities.
The question is, will you be a product of what has happened to you or what happens to you and around you this year, or will you be the architect of your today, your tomorrow, and your next day. Will you bravely step into the arena each day and pursue your goals or will you succumb to the greatest enemy of all.. fear.
Take away: Who you will be in 2018 will be a product of your focus, your standards, your actions and what you decide things outside of your control means. You get to decide, commit and act. It won’t be perfect (it rarely is.) I invite you to set a clear course. Know what you want. Take inspired action. Recognize what is working and what needs adjusting. Learn and grow from setbacks. Continue to show up with where you are and with what you have.
And never, ever give up!
See you out there!
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