Compound Fitness Works. Here’s How (Video.)

Compound Fitness Works. Here’s How (Video.)

August 24th, 2016 // 2:18 pm @

Coach E here:

Compound fitness works. Often it’s about consistently hitting singles versus swinging for the fence.

Make moves and make magic. Post how you are getting your move on below.

Keep it lit!

Coach E



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  1. lotusyeshe24

    7 years ago

    Hey Coach E
    I’ve missed you all but kept the light lit as last year I had a series of accidents. First plantar fasciitis, then I thought I could bike to solve that and was delighted til I was blinded by the dappling forest light and hit a boulder and my foot got stuck on the pedal and down I went hitting a boulder hill. As I was healing that I thought you must accept slowing down and resting. I went on my deck to pick up a fallen plant and my leg went through a 31/2 ” plank and almost broke, bad hematoma and swelling I am still healing from. I felt ashamed at first and embarrased. When I went to my doctor she said WOW YOU ARE SO RESILIENT! That was such a reframe for me in how I was perceiving these experiences as failures of my goal. I am still healing but began to be able to walk again, go on hikes and have found gifts in those moments of how I kept finding solutions naturally. I am glad to rejoin you all today. I am also in the midst of Marie Kondo The magic of tidying up and only keeping what brings me joy. Yesterday I hiked to TJ’s near my home and carried the TP home under my arm on a hike around a local res. I told folks as they passed and looked that I should be singing the BARE NECESSITIES song and they laughed It was a beautiful day filled with simple blessings. Thanks for you, you have all stayed with me and I am glad to be back able to play with you all again.LOVE AND PEACE and JOYFUL RESILIENCE TO US ALL XO

    • Coach Erik

      Coach Erik

      7 years ago

      Hey Tery!

      Thanks for reaching out. You are amazing! I am deeply inspired by your tenacity and git. You never give up no matter what gets thrown at you!!
      So happy to hear you are feeling back on track and ready to take your fitness and wellness to the next level.

      We are with you!
      Coach E


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