Coach E’s Book: Live Fit & Be Well

What are people saying about Coach E’s Groundbreaking book Live Fit and Be Well?

“An innovative approach to enduring fitness and wellness, and an invaluable tool for promoting public health. Erik Hajer’s integrated system is sure to shape how we approach successful lifestyle change going forward.”
—Jay Winsten, PhD Associate Dean, Harvard School of Public Health

“If you are searching for a quick fix, I suggest you put this book down. But if you want a unique and effective tool to break through the mental and physical barriers that have held you back from getting fit and losing weight (for good), then get ready to transform your health and your life. The Live Fit and Be Well Workbook is going to be your launching pad. Enjoy the ride!
—Jonathan Roche, award-winning fitness expert and fifteen-time Boston Marathon finisher.

“Erik’s approach has changed my life. He showed me a path to pushing my athletic ability beyond my wildest dreams and yet at the same time pushed me to improve my whole self with similar intensity. I have no doubt I will lead a happier and more fulfilling life as a result of the skills he has taught me.”
—Julie Oberweis, business owner and mother of three, Los Altos, California.

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