“Your Coaching gave me the strength and belief to push forward and get out of this negative rut I have been in. When I am at a low all I have to do is rock a Coach E on Demand video and all is right with the world again! Just want to tell you how much I appreciate the special gift that you are to me and so many others. Thanks a million! -Cindy K

“Erik you are a brilliant, shining star in all of our lives and always lead by example.” Thank you for being you. Thank you for all that you give. And thank you for healing hearts and lives around the world!” -E.H


“I am grateful my path brought me to Coach E. As a result I see and feel many things in a new light. Grateful for new direction, Tribal friendships, support and mostly a thing called unconditional love. All of which brought joy in my journey.  Thank you Coach E!” – Joyce W.


“Amazing spirit and energy. A perfect approach to fitness and living.” —Ali G.

“Erik helps transform body, mind, and soul. He’s just awesome!” —Patrick M.

“Training with Erik Hajer has helped empower me to take my fitness and wellness life to the next level. Erik helped me realize one of my biggest dreams, completing the Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon. Coach E helped me physically prepare to get to the starting line and mentally find the confidence, courage, and power to get to the finish line.” —Laura B.

“Serious training with fun!” —Erica L.

“Erik Hajer did a wonderful job instituting our corporate wellness program. Erik really connected with our staff here. His unique system included personalized wellness consultation, personal empowerment presentations, client support, and consistent motivation. Erik really helped improve people’s overall health, awareness, and knowledge. The feedback has been fantastic! I’ve also seen an improvement in morale and attendance. As Erik likes to say, “Wellness is powerful!”
—Robert H., RN, BSN, MBA, Director of Medical Management, MACIPA INC.

“You won’t find a better person or personal trainer out there. Erik is the real deal. He will engage you and bring out your best.” —Matt G.

“Erik is the best trainer I’ve known. His skill is only matched by his integrity and kindness.” —Laura L.

“Working with Erik has been an immensely rewarding, positive, and life-altering experience. Having successfully completed the Boston Marathon four times, I have exceeded my expectations for improving my fitness and health and realize so much is possible.” —Arlene T.

“Erik is perhaps the most positive enthusiastic individual let alone coach I have ever met. His energy and spirit are infectious and he leads by example as well as doctrine.” —Will M.

“Erik is the best personal trainer/coach I have ever had. He never pushes you, but he motivates you to push yourself farther then you thought you could go.” —Lee G.

“Erik is a visionary coach who’s always searching for yet another way to inspire.  Not satisfied with insightful guidance, practical tools, and a book, he created a wonderfully supportive online community for his ’tribe’ – folks around the world who have been inspired by him to take up the reins of their lives and tackle big challenges.  If you’ve been looking for an inspiring, passionate, and compassionate coach who will help you use fitness and athletic challenges to build a better balanced, happier life for yourself, someone who will coach your head and heart as well as your legs and lungs, your search is over. Erik is the coach you want and the WellFitTribe is a community you want to be in.” -Paul B.


“Erik Hajer uses the WellFitTribe in combination with his Live Fit and Be Well workbook and now Coach E on Demand to change lives. This dynamic combination has helped me transform my life into a journey of wellness and celebrate the joy of movement.  This is not another diet or quick-fix-but instead a lifestyle change.  Erik is authentic, generous, and compassionate in helping you to realize that you are worth it!” -Betty D.


“Thanks to your warmth and coaching and the Tribe, my fit and fulfilled heart is able to pursue a passionate, intentional life with a resounding YES!  I’m consistently choosing love over my fears, and whole new beautiful worlds are opening.  Forever grateful for the gift that you are, and how you create such safe places/spaces for transformation to occur. Intrinsically whole, deeply nourished and all my love.” -Alanna B.


“The Tribe pushes me, lifts me up, inspires and invigorates me. I can safely explore my deepest feelings and fears in this soft happy safety net. Thanks Coach E and all you Tribers out there!” – Ann R.


“Having Coach E and this Tribe as a part of my life has changed the way I loo at myself  and at fitness. The wind blown in my sails has gotten me through rough days and a personal chat on the phone kicked me into gear. We are perfect in our imperfections. We are fighters. We got this!” -Jennifer G.


“Coach E has created a wonderful place for positive input and encouragement for whatever stage you are at in your fitness and wellness journey.The encouragement for moving forward in all aspects of life is invaluable for living life to it’s fullest.”- Marrianne


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