Peak Performance: The Antidote to Perfectionism

Peak Performance: The Antidote to Perfectionism

July 29th, 2013 // 3:15 pm @


Coach Erik here:

Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor and a symptom of the insidious disease of never enough. 
I offer the antidote to perfectionism is peak performance. Peak performance occurs when we let go of right or wrong and instead engage from a place of learning, growing and experiencing. A peak performer asks the questions “What can I learn? What am I feeling? What value am I adding?” and as a result is not concerned with failure, but fascinated by the outcome of their actions. 

Take away: The key to peak performance is awareness. It occurs when we let go of failure and instead become immersed in the joy and possibility of the experience.  A peak performer knows that he/she is enough but unfinished. 

About: I want to help you live a fit and happy life you love. I am an award-winning peak performance coach, presenter and author who has helped hundreds of people take inspired action since 1995. 

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