Feeling Off? Here’s a Simple Way to Get Back on Track (Coach E Video.)


2 Replies to “Feeling Off? Here’s a Simple Way to Get Back on Track (Coach E Video.)”

  1. Hi Coach E! I love you! I was cleaning house and will be running some errands and decided to set my timer for 15 minutes before I left To read a book….then decided to go through my emails real quick. Sometimes that’s a mistake but not today. Feeling tired years ago meant I was depressed or procrastinating making some decision. Today it means just that. I’m tired, need a little breather. My workout, a 4.6 run, was completed this morning. I am going to the gymnasium later. Life is good. With sincere gratitude, I thank you for being part of my life for 6? Years. Cathy, Virginia Beach

    1. I love you too Cathy! It is such a joy to be a witness to your continued transformation. Keep it lit and keep on rocking!!

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