Lost and Found on a Colorado Trail

Lost and Found on a Colorado Trail

October 3rd, 2011 // 3:15 pm @

This past weekend I participated in the Bear Creek 50K (31 Mile) Trail Run in Lakewood Colorado.

The event was an amazing and epic adventure in the Colorado mountains. I experienced euphoric highs and had to dig deeper then I ever had during intense lows. I was filled spiritually and challenged both mentally and physically. In short I lost myself and found myself on a Colorado Trail.

Here is what I discovered about ultra trail running and about life:

I (we) can do so much more then we think we can.

When I (we) stay open to possibility and simply begin, the how will be made clear.

When I (we) take a wrong turn (in my case running 4 extra miles) it is best to let it go, regroup, find your trail and carry on.

Having support is vital, in my case my friends Karen and Jonathan who lifted my spirits and supported me the last 6 miles.

Approaching an experience without expectation and judgment is a sure way to have fun, find your natural rhythm, and come alive.

When you reach for your potential your whole world exponentially expands.

Sharing enlivening experiences with others (in my case friends/tribe members Dustin, Bob, Rob, and John) creates bonds that can last a lifetime.

Take away: I invite you to dwell in possibility. Reach for your potential. Push your boundaries. Seek new challenges and shared experiences.

Wishing you magical moments and happy trails on your next adventure!

Live Fit and Be Well,

Coach Erik

About: Coach Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer and author who has helped thousands of people live the fit, vital, and empowered life they deserve. He holds a degree in exercise physiology and was named one of the top trainers of 2011 by Boston.com In addition to training “for life” Coach Erik is a 12-time marathon and 5-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

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