Dead Weight

drop keysCoach Erik here:
Are you carrying around an old story that has sabotaged your ability to live fully and joyfully in the present? 
I recently received a note from one of my greatest inspirations, my dad which powerfully illustrates this point: 
“For many years I have carried a ring with a least 25-30 keys on it. At one time or another I knew what these keys were for. But as time went on I forgot that information. So the keys were in effect “dead-weight.” However I continued to carry them around, maybe out of habit. Until last week I realized: WOW I will toss ALL of them except those keys I currently use. So I was left with 4 keys only. A weight was lifted, literally and figuratively. 
Take away: If it has no use in the present it’s dead weight. Perhaps it’s time to throw away the keys to the locks you never use. 

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