Breakdown to Breakthrough

Breakdown to Breakthrough

October 3rd, 2011 // 3:12 pm @

I learned this lesson while on a run with my family on Saturday.

We had our two girls in the jogging stroller, my wife running beside me, endorphins flowing. Life was good. That’s when things started to go south.

We had just crested Heartbreak Hill (Boston) when I noticed that the wheel of the stroller had lost 2 screws and was pretty much toast. We would not be able to run back to the house. The challenge was we were 4 miles away. Hugh! My mind went into a tailspin and the negative self-talk; “This completely messes up your training run Erik!” “I knew this was a bad idea to run with the girls!”

We began to walk home. I was grouchy. “How could this happen to MY run!” That’s when our 3½-year-old Bianca said, “daddy watch ME run!” She then proceeded to run half a block (with my wife) with giant smiles on their faces. Our 10-month Francesca stared to clap, smile and giggle. Something inside me shifted from what I didn’t have (my ideal run) to what I did have (precious moments with my family.)

The rest of the walk was filled with laughter, conversation, and songs. It was the most enjoyable 4-mile walk I’ve ever had. (Much better then the high intensity run I had planned.)

Take away: A “breakdown” in life may be an opportunity in disguise.

I invite you to embrace your next “breakdown.” It may be exactly what you need to breakthrough.

Live Fit and Be well,

Coach Erik

About: Coach Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer and author who has helped thousands of people live the fit, vital, and empowered life they deserve. He holds a degree in exercise physiology and was named one of the top trainers of 2011 by In addition to training “for life” Coach Erik is a 12-time marathon and 5-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

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