Back on Track

Back on Track

March 13th, 2012 // 4:58 pm @

Are you looking to get back on track with your fitness and wellness? 

If so, I invite you to claim today as a guilt-free, failure free, no-fault fitness and wellness day! Give yourself permission to be where you are without judgment, self-criticism, or guilt. Let go of the notion of “good and bad.” Go with your flow, learn from setbacks, and have faith that your way will present itself. Instead of striving for perfection consider slow and steady progress. Allow yourself room to evolve without pressure. Seek joy in the adventure. Notice the inner space and lightness that’s created when you decide not to weigh yourself down with expectations and “arrive” every day. If you fall off your path.. be honest with yourself, let it go, and resume your quest! If you miss week of exercise.. let it go! If you binge on foods that are not in line with your plan.. let it go and resume! If you feel as if you’re constantly taking one step forward and two steps back… don’t sweat it! The question is, how are you going to turn this challenge onto a positive?

The good news is you get to make thousands of choices today. No matter how disconnected you may feel or how may setbacks you may have had, one action, no matter how small, toward your intention and vision is a game changer, a cause set in motion.

Take away: Clam today as a guilt free, failure free, judgment free fitness and wellness day. Let go of the past, stay open, take action and never ever give up!

Live Fit and Be Well,



Erik Hajer is an award-winning wellness coach, presenter, athlete and author. Check out his blog/vlog for more secrets to living a fit and happy life you love. 

Please pass this along to anyone you know who may need a boost. 


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  1. Darlene Kemp

    9 years ago

    Thank you Coach Erik! This is just what I needed to read today!!!


    • Erik Hajer

      9 years ago

      So happy to hear it resonated Darlene! Keep on rocking!


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