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One of the keys to lifelong fitness and wellness is honing our ability to manage our emotional states in a positive and empowering way.
Early in my life this was a great challenge. Instead of honoring, witnessing and releasing negative emotions that came up, I often tried to stuff them with food and alcohol. 
This led to a destructive pattern of perceived control that began to rob me of the happiness, health and joy I was keen on experiencing. 
The transformation began when I decided to lean in and honer/name my emotions (anger, fear, sadness, uncertainty, loneliness etc.) instead of denying / stuffing them with behaviors that helped me not to feel. 
By giving my feelings a voice I was able to witness them and then let them go. In addition the awareness of what was really going on gave me new insight as to how to move through the feelings with actions that were positively serving me as opposed to stealing from me. 
Take away: State management is a key to lifelong fitness and wellness. Stuffing your negative emotions robs you of the health, happiness and joy you really want. 
I invite you to honer your feelings. Name them, witness them with love and compassion and then let them go. Use the question, “How can I move through this uncomfortable feeling in a way that empowers me and helps me stay in line with the person I want to be?” Notice what comes up without judgement.  
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