Small Steps = Big Changes

big changes in small steps


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When it comes to lasting change, we often expect spontaneous transformation a la the New Years resolution or latest quick fix diet plan. This often leads to deprivation, frustration, guilt and shame. 

As you sail towards the new year, I offer small consistent steps lead to big results. It doesn’t have to be perfect (especially during the holiday season.) I invite you to simply show up and consistently take that first step. Remember every act aligned with your intention/goal is a powerful cause set in motion.

Take away: Lasting change is about hitting singles as opposed to hitting a grand slam. Have the courage to step up to the pate learn from setbacks and never ever give up!




About Erik Hajer: I want to help you live a fit and happy life you love. I am an award-winning peak performance coach, key note speaker and author who has helped hundreds of people take inspired action since 1995. 

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