Get Hot & Get Healthy w/ Chili Peppers

Get Hot & Get Healthy w/ Chili Peppers

March 21st, 2013 // 1:33 pm @

Coach E here:

The superfood superhero of the day is peppers. Peppers contain a powerful healing compound called capsaicinoids. This is particularly true of chili peppers which derive their heat as well as their anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), anti-cancer, heart healthy effects from high levels of capsaicinoids.

In addition chili peppers:

1) Can assist in the weight loss process through increased fat utilization.

2) Are loaded with disease fighting antioxidants.

3) Contain 2x the amount of vitamin C found in citrus fruit.

4) Can help relieve headaches.

5) May relieve symptoms of arthritis

6) May help prevent chronic sinus infections.

7) May help prevent intestinal disease/discomfort.

Almost any dish can benefit from a small amount of hot chili peppers. I invite you to consider adding them to soups, stews, chili, stir- fry, salads and salsas.

Take away: Add small amounts of chili peppers to your diet and enjoy the zesty taste and powerful healing benefits.

Get hot and get healthy!

Erik Hajer is an award-winning fitness and wellness coach and author of the book, LIVE FIT AND BE WELL: A Personal Transformation Workbook. (Amazon: ) In addition to training for life, he is a 13-time marathoner and 5- time Ironman Triathlon finisher.

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  1. Trish Presley

    11 years ago

    Can you get the same benefits from Cayenne pepper?

    • erikhajer


      11 years ago

      My understanding is you can Patty!


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