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My offering today is an invitation to remember your greatness. You may be feeing stuck. You may be feeing overwhelmed and stressed. You may be feeling much less then “great.” If this speaks to you, I invite you to remember that you are bigger then any challenge you may be facing right now. Here are a few suggestions for remembering your greatness today:

1) You are in charge of your thoughts and actions. Think your way out of the “blahs” by focusing on what you CAN do instead of what you can’t do. Stay positive. This too shall pass!

2) Success leaves clues. Remember times in your life you felt empowered and strong. What were you doing? How did you talk? How did you walk? How was your life set up at the time? What “success clues” can you use in this situation.

3) Remember you are one of a kind. You are a once in history event. You are a miracle. What will you do with your miracle?

4) Remember you cannot go back and make a brand new past. But you CAN start today and make a brand new ending. How will you live today? Your choice.

5) Remember the truly great are the ones who help others feel that they too are great. If you’re not feeling it, help someone else feel it. Something magical happens when you give away what you want.

Take away:

You are bigger then any challenge you may be facing right now. I invite you to remember your greatness by focusing on what you CAN do. Success leaves clues. Are there other times in your life when you felt empowered and strong that can be recreated in this situation? Remember you are a once in history event. You are a miracle. To remember your greatness help someone else feel great. There is magic in giving away what you want.

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