Dirt Pile

Dirt Pile

November 1st, 2011 // 2:06 pm @

Coach Erik here:

Have you ever been faced with a challenge that felt so overwhelming you didn’t know where to start? That was me last weekend when I faced down a pile of dirt (10 feet long and 6 feet high) that had to be removed from our back yard.

As I began the project it became increasingly clear that there were many life lessons to be learned/remembered from this massive pile of dirt.

My offering today is (what I believe) to be the five key “inner tools” needed to take on a massive dirt pile or any other challenge/goal you’re facing.

Key 1 Decide and Commit:

I had to decide I was going to remove this pile of dirt and fully commit to the project. The word decide means, “to cut off all other options.” When facing a challenge or embarking on a goal I invite you to decide and fully commit. Often the most challenging part of a goal/challenge is to decide. Remember not deciding is also a decision.

Key 2 Have a Compelling Why:

If your why for doing something is compelling enough the how will show up for you. I couldn’t stand having an eyesore of a dirt pile in front of my studio. As a result I focused all of my concentration and energy of moving it. I invite you to think about your “why.” Is it compelling enough to move you into inspired action?

Key 3 One “bucket” at a time:

I invite you to focus on your next small step when facing a challenge/goal. If I had kept my focus on the entire pile I would have given up. Fight the urge to think of the whole project or end result. One baby step at a time. Forward momentum. Slow and steady wins YOUR race!

Key 4  Find Pleasure in the Process:

How does on find joy in a pile of dirt? I kept my mind on the challenge. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. Also I thought of the fitness benefits of carrying hundreds of 50 lb. buckets across the lawn. I invite you to engage in the process. Get lost in the adventure/challenge. Prove to yourself that you can do it!

Key 5 Ask For Help:

There is nothing like support when you’re engaged in a challenge/goal. Ask for help. At my lowest point of overwhelm I asked my wife Theresa for help (in the form of a tribal scream at the pile.) She knew I needed a “you’re doing an amazing job” which got me over the hump. There is great power in receiving support. We all need a coach, friend, or significant other, to blow wind in our sails.

Take away: When facing a massive dirt pile or any other challenge/goal the four key “inner tools” are: Commit, have a compelling why, take it one “bucket” at a time, find pleasure in the process, ask for help.

Happy digging!

Coach Erik

About: Coach Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer and author who has helped thousands of people live the fit, vital, and empowered life they deserve. He holds a degree in exercise physiology and was named one of the top trainers of 2011 by Boston.com In addition to training “for life” Coach Erik is a 12-time marathon and 5-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

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