Adapt & Adjust

Adapt & Adjust

November 29th, 2011 // 10:01 pm @

Coach Erik here:

When life challenges you there are two words that when put into action can immediately turn things around. Those two words are, ADAPT and ADJUST.

This is based on hard science:

The human body is biologically hardwired to adapt and adjust to harsh environmental conditions. Humans have successfully lived in humid rain forests, high altitudes, deserts, arctic wastelands, and densely populated cities. In addition we  have the innate ability to respond to internal and external stresses. Our body-minds have the ability to fight viral infections, deal with mental and physical trauma and reach amazing levels of peace and relaxation.

The take away message is this: when the situation feels hopeless, when you feel like you have no control, or you feel like giving up adapt and adjust. Perhaps this means adjusting expectations. Perhaps it means letting go of perfection. Maybe it means shifting your original plan and starting on a new path.

I invite you to stop fighting the situation and start adapting and adjusting to it. I offer you can control only two things in life, your thoughts, and actions. Take back control by asking yourself this key question: “How do I need to adapt and adjust?” Listen to your heart and take action.

Remember you are more powerful then you think you are.

Live Fit and Be well,




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