Critical Moments and Vital Behaviors

Coach Erik here:

We all have critical moments where our fitness and wellness intentions hang in the balance. Stress, anxiety, commitments and relationships all pull at our resolve. My offering today is a simple way to empower yourself during these critical moments by leveraging what I call vital behaviors. 

I invite you to make a list of your top three critical moments that you face each week. For example, food preparation, reaction to a stressful conversation, snacking after dinner etc. For each critical moment write down a vital behavior that you can defer to in that moment that will both empower you and support your fitness and wellness intentions.

For example instead of eating after a stressful conversation, commit to taking a walk as your vital behavior. Or instead of eating chips after dinner commit to a large cup of herbal tea. Notice how good it feels to react to your critical moments in an empowering way. Savor how good it feels to make choices from a position of strength and power as opposed to force and willpower.

Take away: Set yourself up for success by preemptively committing to a vital behavior in response to critical moments that come up for you on a regular basis. Notice how this feels without judgment. Learn from setbacks and adapt, adjust and accept going forward.

Remember willpower does not work long term. Personal power by way of vital behaviors does.

Live Fit and Be Well,


About: Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer, blogger and author of Live Fit and Be Well: A Personal Transformation Workbook. In addition to happily training “for life” he is a 13-time marathoner and 5-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher.

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4 Replies to “Critical Moments and Vital Behaviors”

  1. Another great reminder that small adjustments can lead to major long-term improvements. Can’t wait to get back to town for the re-engagement of my wellness intentions. 🙂

  2. Great post! I think that is a great idea. Gives the answer to the question “how” before it even has to be asked in a crisis. Love it. Will do this when I get home.

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