Quick Fix Diets Don’t Work. This Does.

Quick Fix Diets Don’t Work. This Does.

February 3rd, 2012 // 4:27 pm @

Coach Erik here:

Quick fix diets lead to long- term frustration. I believe the solution to eating well for life lies in the principal of mindful eating.

Mindful eating can help you:

1)  eat in a way that supports abundant fitness and wellness.

2)  cultivate a positive, empowering relationship with food that does not require obsessive dieting, deprivation, or “willpower.”

3)  make food choices from a position of strength and awareness.

Today’s offering is an introduction to mindful eating taken from by book, LIVE FIT AND BE WELL: A Personal Transformation Workbook.

Most diets focus on controlling what you eat. Over time this often leads to deprived, guilty and frustrated feelings. Mindful eating invites you to create a harmonious relationship with food that is void of judgment of self-criticism. It empowers you to enjoy all that food has to offer while nourishing, healing, and energizing your body and your life.

The cornerstone of mindful eating is awareness. For example, an awareness of hunger, fullness, cravings, mood, taste, surroundings, etc.  Deliberate awareness promotes balance, choice, wisdom, and acceptance. Over time deliberate awareness can free you of reactive habitual patterns that affect how you think, feel and act.

As you become more attuned to the direct experience of eating and the accompanying feelings of health and vitality, you gain insight into how you can achieve specific fitness and wellness goals  without dieting. This intuitive approach is internally directed and gives you the power to make choices that are void of “good” and “bad” as well as self – criticism and judgment.


Coach Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer, blogger and author who has helped thousands of people live the fit, vital and empowered life they deserve.To learn more about Coach Erik and his new book, LIVE FIT AND BE WELL, visit his website:


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