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The WellFit Tribe is a positive and affirming online community intended to help you live a more fit and fulfilled life you love. Here you can connect with Coach E and other members of the Tribe online, share tips, information, strategies and so much more….

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What People Are Saying About the WellFitTribe?

 “Thanks to your warmth and coaching and the Tribe, my fit and fulfilled heart is able to pursue a passionate, intentional life with a resounding YES!  I’m consistently choosing love over my fears, and whole new beautiful worlds are opening.  Forever grateful for the gift that you are, and how you create such safe places/spaces for transformation to occur. Intrinsically whole, deeply nourished and all my love.”

-Alanna B.


“Erik Hajer uses the WellFitTribe in combination with his Live Fit and Be Well workbook and now Coach E on Demand to change lives. This dynamic combination has helped me transform my life into a journey of wellness and celebrate the joy of movement.  This is not another diet or quick-fix-but instead a lifestyle change.  Erik is authentic, generous, and compassionate in helping you to realize that you are worth it!”

-Betty D.


“The Tribe pushes me, lifts me up, inspires and invigorates me. I can safely explore my deepest feelings and fears in this soft happy safety net. Thanks Coach E and all you Tribers out there!”

– Ann R.


“Coach E has created a wonderful place for positive input and encouragement for whatever stage you are at in your fitness and wellness journey. The encouragement for moving forward in all aspects of life is invaluable for living life to it’s fullest.”

– Marrianne


“Being part of the Well Fit Tribe and being able to work with coach Erik has been a life altering experience for me. Coach E is always there to answer questions and offer support, and has encouraged me to set and achieve goals that I would never have dreamed were possible. The tribe is there as another support, but also as a group of friends who have come to feel really close. This is a community that cares, and one that I am happy and proud to be a part of.”

-Wendy L.


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