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On demand streaming workouts led by trainer and life coach Coach Erik Hajer (Coach E) and his team.  Everything you need to break through and transform at home or on the road. 

Coach E is a father, husband, triathlete, ultra-marathoner and coach who has helped ordinary people do extraordinary things since 1997.

What You Get: 

  1. 100+ transformative workout and wellness videos (new videos added each week.) Streamed to any device anywhere anytime. *Minimal-no equipment required.
  2. Cardio. (no equipment)  dynamic strength, stretching, spin, running  and much more… 
  3. WellTalk Series: Interviews with renowned (and inspiring) experts in the fields of wellness, public health medicine, coaching and training.
  4. Access to our private online community. Stay motivated, inspired and connected to fellow team members.
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What Are People Saying About Coach E on Demand?

“Your Coaching gave me the strength and belief to push forward and get out of this negative rut I have been in. When I am at a low all I have to do is rock a Coach E on Demand video and all is right with the world again! Just want to tell you how much I appreciate the special gift that you are to me and so many others. Thanks a million! -Cindy K.

“If you’ve been looking for an inspiring, passionate, and compassionate coach who will help you use fitness and athletic challenges to build a better balanced, happier life for yourself, someone who will coach your head and heart as well as your legs and lungs, your search is over. Coach E on Demand is the vehicle you want and the WellFitTribe is a community you want to be in.” -Paul B.

“This site far exceeded my expectations. Not only provided a wide variety of challenging workouts (with modifications for all fitness levels) but also thought provoking and inspiring wellness videos and specialty videos such as stretching, foam rolling and targeted exercises. Thank you for generously sharing your expertise and wisdom and caring so deeply for us. You are a remarkable man Erik Hajer!” – Jan B.

“Awesome workouts I can do at home with minimal equipment anytime I need a hit of happy.. Yes please!” – Susan P.

“Treat yourself! It’s cheaper then 3 lattes per month. it’s good for your heart, soul and your body and it’s a lot of fun! You’re welcome!”  #joyinthejourney! -Alanna B.

“I travel a lot for work so having Coach E on Demand has been a game changer for staying connected and committed to my fitness goals on the road.”- Bob G.

“As a 44 year old woman, I’ve participated in most every type of fitness program there is.  I have had periods of my life when I’ve been in tip top shape and periods where “fitness” took a back seat to the chaos of family and work.  Fitness felt like another job or requirement for me, even when I was embracing it full on.  There was no joy in movement and exercise was a task to be completed.

Coach Erik has changed my perspective on fitness and overall wellness completely.  Both his book “Be Well and Be Fit” and “Coach E on Demand” has truly changed my life in ways far beyond fitness.  I have certainly experienced physical changes and a drop in weight, but those are nothing compared to the mental benefits I’ve experienced as a result of working the program.

Erik has taught me to love myself, forgive myself and embrace the gift that is movement.  I’ve become a better mother to my children.  Not because I have more energy, although that has been a wonderful benefit, but because I’m mentally stronger.  I can offer my children more in terms of love, guidance, example and kindness.  I am more present in the moment and have embraced an attitude of gratitude.  When I’m feeling low, overwhelmed or scared, logging in and participating in a Coach E video always changes my mood and perspective for the better.  I am left feeling stronger both mentally and physically but now believe I have power in how I choose to live my life.  In a world filled with so much pain and hurt, Erik is a beacon of hope and light.  He exudes happiness and joy in all he says and does.  He is a gift to be treasured and I am forever changed for having known him.  The world would be a far better place if we all spent a little time with Coach E riding on his “Happy Bus!”

– Jen L.

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