Return of the Roar


Coach E here:

I offer our most primal fear is we will not be enough and ultimately won’t be loved. We create moats around our vulnerability and true selves so we can stay “safe.” 

The irony is we achieve great things in our quest to “measure up” and be loved, yet often fail to get what we all crave the most, deep relationships and soulful connection.

Today I offer you the roar: A return to the intimacy and quality of relationship that comes when we share who we really are without social masks or fear. Our art, vulnerability, shame, messiness, as well as our triumphs.

This is not easy. It requires radical bravery, inspired action and a willingness to be vulnerable. 

I invite you to return to your roar and give it away today; your love, art and true self. The upside is unlimited and there is no downside because, as Dr. Seuss once said, “Be who you are. Because those who matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.”


Erik Hajer is an acclaimed trainer and life coach. You can learn more about his transformative online programs by clicking here.

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 “Thanks to your warmth and coaching and the Tribe, my fit and fulfilled heart is able to pursue a passionate, intentional life with a resounding YES!  I’m consistently choosing love over my fears, and whole new beautiful worlds are opening.  Forever grateful for the gift that you are, and how you create such safe places/spaces for transformation to occur. Intrinsically whole, deeply nourished and all my love.”

-Alanna B.


“Erik Hajer uses the WellFitTribe in combination with his Live Fit and Be Well workbook and now Coach E on Demand to change lives. This dynamic combination has helped me transform my life into a journey of wellness and celebrate the joy of movement.  This is not another diet or quick-fix-but instead a lifestyle change.  Erik is authentic, generous, and compassionate in helping you to realize that you are worth it!”

-Betty D.


“The Tribe pushes me, lifts me up, inspires and invigorates me. I can safely explore my deepest feelings and fears in this soft happy safety net. Thanks Coach E and all you Tribers out there!”

– Ann R.


“Coach E has created a wonderful place for positive input and encouragement for whatever stage you are at in your fitness and wellness journey. The encouragement for moving forward in all aspects of life is invaluable for living life to it’s fullest.”

– Marrianne


5 Tips For Explosive Energy

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Coach Erik here:

I offer the key to maximizing your potential is focused energy. My offering today is 5 tips for cultivating explosive energy at home, in the work place or in your athletic endeavors.

1) Sleep More.  Sleeping 7-9 hours a night is a game changer. Science tells us that energy, focus, weight loss and feelings of well-being are all tied to sleep.

Coach E Tip: Not getting enough? Try a 15 min. power nap or 5 min. meditation. Both have been proven to be both rejuvenating and restorative.

2) Drink More Water. If you are 1% dehydrated performance can decrease up to 15%! Water gives you an immediate hit of energy and feeling of well-being.

Coach E Tip: Shoot for at least 2 liters if you are a female and 3 liters if you are a male. Drink to thirst and have water with you at all times.

3) Eat More Green Leafy Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens, chard, and spinach are loaded with vitamins and minerals providing and energetic boot.

Coach E Tip: Rock a large salad of greens with lean protein for lunch. Notice the hit of energy!

4) Move! Exercise releases dopamine and endorphins, which give you a major hit of energy and happy chemistry.

Coach E tip: Interval training (short burst of high intensity exercise followed by a recovery period) has been shown to exponentially increase energy, mood and focus. Plus it revs up your metabolism so you are burning calories at a higher rate through the day. At work? Get up and do a few laps around the office. At home? Rock a few intervals up and down the stairs.

5) Talk to a friend/colleague/coach that is on fire! Every interaction is an exchange of energy. Have you ever wondered why you feel so good after talking to a positive empowered person versus a negative nelly? Energy.

Coach E Tip: Commit to connect with at least one person who is on fire. Positive, happy, empowered and keen on making good things happen. After you do that go and be that person for someone else. Notice the energetic shift.

To get what we want in life we need energy. I invite you to commit to cultivating explosive energy. Take charge of your energy today and rock your day!


Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer, life coach, presenter, athlete and author. Check out his blog/vlog for more secrets to living a fit and happy life you love.   


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Why We Fail

I can

We fail when we say no to a challenge that scares us. We fail when we play small or wait to be picked. We fail when we let fear hold our life hostage. We fail when we hesitate to speak our truth, act in alignment with our core values or say I love you. We fail when we use our old outdated stories as an excuse for why we can’t have what we want in the present. We fail when we don’t get up when life knocks us down. You see the only failure there is failure to act. Failure to lean in, step up and make things happen. Setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow.

Take away: You were born with wings. Sometimes you have to jump off the cliff and know your wings will appear. They will.

Keep it lit!

Coach E


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Erik Hajer is an award-winning trainer, life coach, presenter, athlete and author. Check out his blog/vlog for more secrets to living a fit and happy life you love.